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Recording of the International Conference on Ophthalmology "East-West-2021"

We bring to your attention a recording of the Сonference.
For your convenience there is a time code under each video, which indicates the start and end time of each speaker's speech.

Запись конференции КАНАЛ 1 (3 июня)

Запись конференции КАНАЛ 2 (3 июня)

Запись конференции КАНАЛ 1 (4 июня)

Запись конференции КАНАЛ 2 (4 июня)

June 6, 2019


1. Mini Lectures

2. Diagnosis and treatment of retinal diseases

3. Interactive presentation of retinal cases

4. Pathology of the anterior segment of the eye


5. Oculoplastics and ophthalmo-oncopathology

June 7, 2019


6.  Selected issues of ophthalmology

7. Innovative technologies in ophthalmology 

8. Lecture session of Japan ophthalmologists 

9.  Lecture session of Professor Rupert Bourne "New data and trends in prevalence and causes of global visual impairment: the global vision database"

10.  Lecture session of Professor Farhad Hafezi "Cross-linking cxl technology and applications"

11. Lecture session of Professor Jost Jonas "Myopia: epidemiological, histological and etiological aspects"

12. Lecture session of Professor Dan Milea "The Non-Visual Eye" Interactive Practical Neuro-Ophthalmology